Fotona Laser

What is Fotona Laser Treatments?

The Fotona laser system is widely acclaimed for its versatility of laser treatments.

NEA Medical Aesthetic Clinic is a physician managed clinic with a team of experts who render quality services to their clients. Equipped with the latest and most advanced medical technology, NEA is here to promote better health, while emphasizing the natural beauty in you. We are here to help you achieve the best version of yourself.

NEA Medical Aesthetic Clinic is one of the first centres to offer Fotona Laser and  all its applications to its clients. The Fotona Laser’s state of the art technology allows for uniform laser treatments with predictable, safe results and an incredible spectrum of cosmetic laser procedure options and medical treatment modes for patients to choose from. Clients at NEA Medical Aesthetic Clinic will be impressed with the wide range of minimally invasive treatment options available that provide highly effective and safe results with a short downtime afterwards. Fotona laser procedures are clinically proven to be appropriate for all skin types and colors. Clients that have been treated at NEA Medical Aesthetic Clinic with the Fotana Laser system boast with a high rate of satisfaction, saying that procedures were very comfortable and that they are very happy with their laser results. Here are some of the specific Fotona laser treatments you will discover at NEA Medical Aesthetic Clinic

Fotona SP Dynamis is an advanced and versatile laser which contains two wavelengths (Erbium 2094nm and long pulse Nd:YAG 1064nm). These can be used in many different combinations but what is unique about the Fotona SP Dynamis is that both these wavelengths can be delivered with a prolonged gentle delivery time which gently heats the skin. These prolonged delivery times are unique to Fotona and are not available in any other laser in the world. This gentle heating causes immediate tightening of the collagen as well as switching on new collagen production for several weeks. The result is tightening of slack/sagging skin and improvement in fine lines, wrinkles and skin quality.

Disclaimer: The risk of post-treatment infections is very low, as NEA Medical Aesthetic Clinic takes all precautions to ensure a sterile, clinical setting. We do our due diligence providing our clients with post-procedure protocols, but we uphold our clients to follow and adhere to the protocol to ensure proper recovery and results.