This treatment is indicated to treat vaginal relaxation syndrome, which is also referred to as a lax or loose vaginal canal. This causes vaginal tissue to lose elasticity and tone that can cause a decrease in sexual satisfaction for both parties.

How it Works

Our experienced medical technicians use non-invasive photo-thermal laser treatment IntimaLase™ to tighten the walls of the vaginal tissues and cure vaginal atrophy and VRS. Laser therapy is a safer and less invasive alternative for vaginal tightening than surgery. Patient satisfaction rate is up to 95% with immediate reported improvement.

An attachment similar to a speculum used during PAP tests is inserted into the vagina to send short laser pulses.

One to three painless sessions is recommended for optimal results, and procedures take place in the comfort of NEA Medical Aesthetic Clinic. Continual results can be seen for weeks and months post treatments as new collagen is being created. The entire procedure takes about 15 minutes. There are no pre or post preparations required, and patients report almost no discomfort.

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