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Cosmetic Injectables, or Neuromodulators temporarily relax specific muscles by blocking the nerve impulses. As the treated muscles relax, dynamic wrinkles and lines created by their contraction gradually fade, and sometimes even disappear completely resulting in smooth skin.

At What Age Should I Start?

The age you START, is the age you STAY. The earlier a person starts, the smoother their face will appear as they age. At NEA Medical Aesthetic Clinic, we offer preventative, management and corrective packages to help meet your individual needs, giving you the ability to age the way you want. Regularly scheduled injections can actually prevent wrinkles including common forehead wrinkles and under eye wrinkles.

What if I want to Stop?

You’ll Still Look Years Younger Even If You Stop. Many people fear that once they start with neuromodulators, they will have more wrinkles if they stop. This is incorrect! If you choose not to continue, your skin won’t develop wrinkles and fine lines overnight. The longer you used neuromodulators, the longer you will enjoy looking years younger relative to your age, Wrinkles and lines will gradually return but they will always be less extreme than they would have if you had never used neuromodulators for that time. If you take a break, that’s fine, but it is suggested that you return for treatment before the visible benefits are completely gone.

What areas can be treated with Neuromodulators?

Reverse the signs of facial aging. Neuromodulators can be used to address lines and wrinkles on a number of different facial areas, including, eye area (crow’s feet), and Smile/Lip lines, and the forehead/brow.

Crow’s Feet: This area can be treated with a small amount of cosmetic injectables to relax the muscles and effectively reduce the depth and appearance of these lines.

Smile/Lip lines: Injectables prevent these muscles from becoming so tight and strained and help make moisturizing and hydrating treatments work more effectively.

The Forehead/brow:Treating these lines reduce the appearance of the “angry 11” and make patients’ faces appear as relaxed and happy as they really feel!

Frown Lines: Cosmetic Injectables can be used to temporarily improve the look of moderate to severe frown lines without changing the look of your whole face.

Will I Look Frozen or Overdone After?

We’ve all seen stories on social media about frozen looking, expressionless faces after a treatment, but don’t worry, these are not reality. Cosmetic Injectables do relax specific facial muscles, but only a little, just enough to smooth your wrinkles. Our expert injectors know exactly where to place injections and how much to use. You’ll still be able to laugh, cry, and smile, but with fewer wrinkles.

How long will it take?

 If you have a lunch break, you have time for a treatment. The actual injection process takes a quick 10 minutes. Your specialist will discuss your treatment goals and perform a facial analysis to determine the appropriate treatment areas for you. Treatment requires minimal downtime. So, you can return to your daily routine immediately after you leave your specialist’s office.

What do Neuromodulators feel like?

Cosmetic Injectables are quick with minimal discomfort. The treatment requires no anesthesia or recovery time. Some people report that being injected with Neuromodulators feels like a pinch. Your specialist may use ice to numb the treatment area.  The procedure is not considered painful, and allows you to age the way you want. Be Unapologetically You!

How long do Neuromodulators last?

In general, the effects lasts 4-6 months after treatment. Those with stronger muscles generally require higher dosing and some metabolize the toxin faster than others. The location of the injection and the amount injected may affect how long it lasts. After the treatment, the injectables will start to relax the treated muscles within three to five days and be fully effective within two weeks. The benefits wear off gradually, lasting an average of four months! 

Is it Safe?

It is a medication known as a Neuromodulator, specifically Onabotulinun Toxin A, but don’t let the word toxin scare you. Neuromodulators have been approved by Health Canada, and come with a 30 year safety record. When used for medical purposes, it is very safe. When seeking out treatment look for reputable clinics with trained professionals.

How much does it cost?

The cost of neuromodulators can vary greatly from clinic to clinic. At NEA Medical Aesthetic Clinic, the price is based on the area. We offer three different packages –preventative, maintenance and correction. These are customized to your individual needs, giving you the flexibility to age the way you want. We follow up with you free touch up, 2 weeks after the treatment. 


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