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Nutrition Enhanced Aesthetics….NEA

We’ve all heard: ‘You are what you eat’, but nothing comes closer to the truth, if you want glowing, youthful skin. With skin being the largest organ in the body, nourishments starts from within. At Nea Medical Aesthetic Clinic we understand the skin nutrition connection, and want to help you achieve the best skin ever. By eating the correct balance of foods, in combination with the recommended skin treatments, you will not only feed your health, but also your skin. Combining the right products with the right foods can help provide your skin the vital nutrients it
needs to help it stay soft, supple, youthful and blemish-free. Nutrition protocols prepared by Registered Dietitians will help you determine what dietary changes, combined with your personalized skin protocol
may impact your skin by reducing the signs of aging and improving some skin conditions. 

Many of our packages have nutrition consultations as part of the treatments, with a Registered Dietitian. Talk to our highly trained medical aestheticians to see which treatment packages have nutrition consultations part of them, or if booking a session with the Registered Dietitian may be beneficial to you!


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